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Why Title Insurance?

Owner’s title insurance is a major component of a successful closing, or it should be. Since buying a home is the largest single investment most people make, title insurance is a wise choice. One premium, paid as part of the closing expenses, insures your home for as long as you or your heirs hold title. For a small additional charge, the Market Value Rider increases the amount of coverage as the value of the property increases. There are no renewal premiums for title insurance, since the coverage is concerned with claims prior to your ownership.  

Protection is always there, whether fraud or forgery exist in prior documents, whether deeds were properly executed or had descriptions that were improperly drawn, whether deaths or divorces in the prior chain of title were cleared by the appropriate number of parties joining in the deeds. Protection against unsatisfied mortgages or judgments against prior owners. Claims resulting from easements, covenants and restrictions can also arise, as can many more situations. Owner’s title insurance can make your biggest investment your safest investment.