Discount Shipping Charge Up to 50%

Federal Standard Abstract is pleased to offer our client significant discounts on two industry-leading national shipping services: United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express (FedEx).

Whatever and whenever your shipping needs, from next-day and second-day letter delivery to shipment of larger packages, Federal Standard Abstract can save you money when you use FedEx or UPS.

“All you need is a current United Parcel Service or Federal Express account number to participate this valuable offer to you.”

Federal Standard Abstract provides our client the best possible rates on services such as:

Ø Next Day Delivery:

When a document or package positively must be there the next day, you can take advantage of a variety of next-day letter delivery options. Whether you need a delivery by the start of the business day, by 10:30 am or by 3:00 pm, FedEx and UPS can meet your needs.

Ø Second Day Delivery:

Both FedEx and UPS offer the cost-effective delivery option of second-day letter service for those less time-critical, but still important documents.

Ø Package Delivery:

For shipment of parcels from 1 lb to 150 lbs, you can enjoy the same pricing discounts that Federal Standard Abstract operations receive from either FedEx or UPS.

Contact Corporate Office of Federal Standard Abstract at
(212)343-2282 to begin taking the advantage of these special savings!