Zoning Certifications

Understanding zoning requirements are paramount. Zoning certifications are obtainable from the planning offices of the jurisdiction where the property is located. On behalf of the buyer, we will verify that the building is currently complying with zoning regulations.

Commercial Real Estate Zoning

 Commercial real estate property owners should confirm that the property complies with existing zoning regulations. This is especially important if they’re planning renovations, development, or further expansion. Zoning can also address assessments, exactions, and impact fees, which can directly influence net income. After you purchase the property, it is essential to stay informed of the developments in the city’s zoning plans.

Residential Real Estate Zoning

Staying informed of your residential zoning laws is very important. Similarly, it’s pivotal to remain knowledgeable about local zoning plans. For example, if your city re-zones, allowing commercial property development, it could increase your property’s development potential.

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